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theyoungnight's Journal

6 August
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my favorite things in the world:

*american pasturized process cheese food
*bobblehead dolls
*jeff buckley
*finding things in the trash(harvey danger cd)
*going to NYC
*spending all day shopping in st. marx
*34th st..........NOT
*air band
*red house painters
*the day in somerville
*that deisel cafe
*realizing will roan is my neighbor
*mikey :)
*getting emails
*getting responses to my lj entrys
*my neice
*the beach
*oreo o's
*living alone
*bongo and the south african who works there
*the greenroom
*nick and eric
*rolling down the hill at kats house
*ending suffocating relationships
*sara sexy sexy roan
*my retarded computer (NOT)
*meeting new people
*sams family
*moulin rouge
*gummi worms
*john waters films
*stanley kubric films
*the grapes of wrath
*the lord of the flies
*making movies
*jack johnson
*agnostic front
*john mayer
*blink 182 :)yeah....i know...whatever
*being a vegetarian
*going to boston
*the time i went to boston w/ heather and saw will and sara and addam and micah and slept in saras dorm.
*when will proposed to me
*outward bound
*bandaid boy
*writing stories in math
*going to the dq with brendan and sam
*hitting a bear
*recording mrs martons daily attire
*recording stobie's shirts
*constantly calling stobie and going to his house and him never being home.
*stobie's mom
*sam greene
*her theory on b.o.
*this list
*how i could never fit all the things i love on this list....
*the end.
*everything else i love.