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Ariel's Journal

11th March, 2003. 1:24 pm.

i was planning on revamping my lj but you know.... nobody i know has lj. hmm somewhat pointless dontcha know. im talking to noone. that reminds me of a song. i wish i knew by heart every song ever written, and i was a good singer... and then my life would be a musical.

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9th October, 2002. 3:12 pm.

this entry has been void.

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9th October, 2002. 3:08 pm. where is my mind




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20th September, 2002. 11:32 am. excitement mounts.

im in ny right now.......it excites me. im going to see jordan today.......which excites me even more. im going to see hannah today.......which also excites me. i.am.very.excited. whoo hoo. hannah, you better have gotten bright eyes tickets, jordan said it was sold out... if it is, im going to pee myself. then im going to kill you. then im going to give the bouncer sexual favors so hell let me in. (jk) but seriously, if i dont go to bright eyes tonight......i may have an epileptic seizure. hannah i forgot to call you but... ill figure out some way of getting in touch w/ you.... im meeting jordan at penn station at 5:20, call his cell phone.... 201 306 8449 or ill call yours. anyways, see you later!!! hahaha, im sooo excited. max- who goes to provincetown?!?!?! what the hell?!?!? im just kidding, provincetown is the shit... im just sad you wont be able to meet us in the city.... well just have to get everyone to come to mass and visit us...

daves a slut.

Current mood: excited.

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20th September, 2002. 11:31 am. oh, ok.....not.

i am a scenester!

How indie are you?
test by ridethefader

You are so indie it hurts. You hang out with the coolest people in your city. It doesn't even bother
you that none of them know your name. You know lots of bands personally, you know a couple of
guys from We Hate The Mainstream Records, and you blag your way into getting almost
everything for free. That fanzine you write gives you extra kudos. You probably don't
even care that non-scenesters think you're a pretentious fuck.

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5th September, 2002. 9:24 pm. to 3 people

and then i deleted it.

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31st August, 2002. 9:59 pm. you damn hypocrite

sometimes i look back on past entries ive written and i think "what the hell..." i think the same thing sometimes when i look in the mirror or speak or think do. most of the things i say or write or think or do are worthy of a "what the hell..." or more like a "shut up you selfish bitch"..... especially this journal entry.

Current mood: disgusted.

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19th August, 2002. 8:44 pm. to long too long


or maybe

not there.

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18th August, 2002. 6:16 pm. need to escape

in january i think i might be moving... im graduating early and getting away... getting a job...i want to go to manhattan but i need a place to live. i hope living in the city will make things better, i hope surrounding makes a difference. actually, i know it does. and maybe ill meet people, there must be something out there for me, people cant be assholes everywhere, maybe ill meet what im looking for. i just need somewhere to live for a few months, and then i need to get a job. i hope it all works out.

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18th August, 2002. 6:05 pm. to know the words

shut the fuck up.

Current mood: helpless.

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